2016/10/8 - raps

2016/10/8 - raps

Real hip hop from Australia, USA, HK, and Canada.

Show notes

We're playing some new and old stuff. New music by... Lecrae teaming up with Leon Bridges, Alex Faith, Eternia, and Brisbane native Nameless Creations. All on Australia's only national hip hop radio show playing music by Christians.

KB - Sideways (ft. Lecrae)
GS - Like That Tho (ft. Bizzle)
Jurny Big - Mic Masters (ft. Myka 9)
Nameless - Brisbane Native (ft. Rezadent)
Lecrae & Leon Bridges - On My Own
Zii - This is Afrika
Eternia - For This Life (ft. Phoenix Pagliacci)
Alex Faith - Real Ones (ft. Adan Bean)
MC Jin - Dead Man Walking
reSEARCH - Take It (ft. MotionPlus)
BRB - New Kinda Human
Sundance - Cycles
Rel McCoy - Super Crush




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