2017/1/14 - Hottest of 2016 Part 2

2017/1/14 - Hottest of 2016 Part 2

Real Hip hop by Christian artists.

Show notes

We've been analysing the new music we've played on Definition in 2016. Here's part two of which of those songs got the most online listens. Enjoy muchly.

"Here, 2016" by Sho Baraka "Weight" by Mr J. Medeiros "Blast Off" by The Allergies & Andy Cooper "Strictly Underground" by Izzy "You Know It" by Derek Minor "Hallelujah All Day" by Datin "Stop Me" by Christon Gray "This is Afrika" by Zii "Righteous War" by Sevin "No Hate" by Bizzle "Against Us Remix" by Dee-1 "I Got The Juice" by Dream Junkies "Sidelines" by Lecrae "Real" by NF "Seven Laps" by Marksman Lloyd

Full playlist at www.definitionradio.com/show/525



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