2019/4/27 - New music by Social Club Misfits, and an Aussie flashback.

Apr 27, 201956 minutes

K-man plays something off Social Club Misfits new album "Mood." Our listeners picked most of the other songs by tapping the 'like' thumbs-up on our playlists.

It's an Aussie flashback this week by Nebs & Cebsone.

“Hands Up" by Kris-Bo "Up" by Social Club Misfits "Mike Tyson's Punch Out" by Sean C. Johnson ft. Redd Lettaz "Feel That" by Flynn Adam ft. Sareem Poems "Da Chune Up" by That Brotha Lokey ft. Die-Rek "Funky Fresh" by James Gardin ft. Ozay Moore "Paid to Play" by Cas Metah ft. Jabs & Flexx Abyladeez "Grow Up" by Christon Gray "Bigger Than Me" by 1K Phew ft. nobigdyl. "Revelation is Revolution" by Armond Wakeup "Carry Me" by Joshua Luke Smith "Fathers, 2004" by Sho Baraka "Thy Neighbour" by Jackie Hill Perry "vivid" by Noah Schatz ft. Melissa Carter "Never Stop Me Now" by Nebs & Cebsone "Manic X-Files" by Manic X ft. DJ Aktual

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