2019/3/30 - New music by Farai Katiyo, A.I. and Gowe ... and we play what you voted for

Mar 30, 201956 minutes

Playing songs you voted for on our playlists.

New music by Farai Katiyo, A.I. and Gowe.

We split up Izzy n The Profit, though only temporarily ;)

Flashback by S.F.C. from 1994.


"Get Back Right" by Lecrae "Pick 'em Up" by A.I ft. Datin "Do What It Gonna Do" by Flynn Adam ft. Joey the Jerk & GR.JSNBEITS "Go Get It Now" by Izzy "Down" by The Profit "Old Friend" by Gowe "Get Away" by Rawsrvnt "Lessons to Learn" by Jon Corbin ft. Shad, Orijin, Rel McCoy "One Time 4 ur Mind" by Eskatology "Mourning Beautiful" by Sistah Dee "So Young" by Farai Katiyo ft. Theo & Mathew "orion" by nobigdyl. "Days Go Bye" by Coffee Jones "One Time" by SFC "Chitown Boogie" by James Gardin

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