2019/3/23 - New music by Social Club Misfits and a workout song recommended by The Rock

Mar 23, 201956 minutes

Producer spotlight on Tommee Profitt, who with Beacon Light created a good workout song, so good that it even motivates none other than The Rock.

We also play the new bi-lingual track by Social Club Misfits.

This week's flashback takes us a journey down the K-man's past, to one of the first CHH songs that caught his ear. (and a nod to his first radio show)


“30 & Up, 1986" by Sho Baraka "Ain't Love Proud" by Fonke Knomaads ft. TheyCallMe.Solo, Brett Adrien & King O.P.P. "Vibes" by Jupiter 7 "Donuts" by Andy Mineo ft. Phonte & Christon Gray "Over Here" by nobigdyl. "Saddle Up" by Krum "Mainstream" by John Reuben "Fisheye Paradigm" by Future Shock "Stay True" by Broadkast "Willie Vasquez" by The Battery "Equeena" by Knowdaverbs ft. Jason Eskridge "Seven Laps" by Marksman Lloyd "Takin Over" by Tommee Profitt ft. Beacon Light "Let You Down" by NF "Que lo Que" by Social Club Misfits

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