2019/3/16 - Jabs is back!! Is that a good thing? ... mellow new music and a "powerful" flashback

Mar 16, 201956 minutes

Jabs is back!! Is that a good thing? This week the boys mellow things out a bit with some new music from Die-Rek, Impact & James Gardin as well as some Uprock Compilation faves and a “powerful” flashback from 2001. Enjoy.


“Who Are They Anyway” by Mover Merchants ft. Jurny Big & Le “Praises Of Men” by Die-Rek “Grateful” by Impact “Lion” by Uncle, Rage & Wes-Lee ft. Izzy n The Profit” “Stained Glass” by James Gardin “Wow…” by Ozay Moore ft. Propaganda “enemies?” by nobigdyl. “See No Evil” by Tony Tillman “Fade Away (D. Steele Remix)” by Middle Clash ft. Tragic Hero “Breathe (Remix)” by Will Small “Forgive And Forget” by Walkin’ Dead “Relax” by Sivion

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