2019/3/8 - We're putting the spotlight on female emcees

Mar 9, 201956 minutes

In celebration of International Women's Day, we putting the spotlight on female emcees. Playing artists from Australia, New Zealand, Canada, UK and the USA.

New music by Licy Be, Heesun Lee, Erica Mason, Angie Rose, and a.i.

Flashback tracks by the Tunnel Rats ladies, Zane One and Elsie.


"High" by ChrisJay "For the Love" by Butta P, Natalie Lauren "My Identity" by Izzy, Que Rator, Cree "Don't Listen" by New Breed ft. Theresa Jones "Crucial Conversations" by Isatta Sheriff "Slow Way Home" by Fortune "Woman" by Jackie Hill Perry "Hindsight" by a.i. "Talks With Loneliness" by Erica Mason "Future" by HeeSun Lee "Grown" by Licy Be "Ladies" by Tunnel Rats "For The Life" by Eternia ft. Phoenix Pagliacci "It's a New Year" by Mz Tanz ft. Mr G Reality "Throw Down" by Zane One ft. Shames Worthy

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