2019/3/2 - Feature album by Flynn Adam (of the L.A. Symphony) "Do What It Gonna Do"

Mar 2, 201956 minutes

Featuring songs off Flynn Adam's new album "Do What It Gonna Do".

Flashback to his crew the L.A. Symphony from over 15 years ago.

Playlist: "I'm So Potential" by Die-Rek "Feel That" by Flynn Adam ft. Sareem Poems "Be Yourself" by Imperial & K.I.N.E.T.I.K. "King's Child" by Intellect ft. Griffin, DJ Sean P "Won't Let Go" by Feudi "Theory of Self" by Nomis ft. Joe Ayinde "Dragon Tattoo" by Mistery ft. JustMe "Do What It Gonna Do" by Flynn Adam ft. Joey the Jerk & GR.JSNBEITS "Break Chains." by D4C ft. Jonnie 3:16 "End Is Now" by L.A. Symphony "One Two" by Propaganda "Math-Matics" by Nfors & Izzy "Joy" by James Gardin "Dead Man" by Joshua Luke Smith "The Last Sunrise" by Sundance, Adam L, Sivion, Stro Eliot "Comin' Home Now" by Flynn Adam

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