2019/2/9 - New D4C, and a family collaboration by Sivion x Andreon Michael x Lucyclubhouse

Feb 9, 201956 minutes

New song off D4C's latest album, Next Chapter. A family colaboration by Sivion, with his childrem Andreon Michael and Lucyclubhouse.

Triple-play of singing rappers (or is it rappers who can sing).

Flashback to two tracks off the 2004 Beatmart "Best of Submissions" mixtape by DJ Morph.

Tracklist: "Over Here" by nobigdyl. "Joy" by James Gardin "Vibes" by Jupiter 7 "I Got It" by Tee Wyla, Armond Wakeup, Jonathan Baker "One Time 4 ur Mind" by Eskatology "Fight Club" by Sivion, Andreon Michael, Lucyclubhouse "Go Get It Now" by Izzy "Donuts" by Andy Mineo ft. Phonte, Christon Gray "The Kite" by MattmaN ft. Cas Metah, Elias, Griffin "Old School" by B. Reith "Scratch Freestyle" by DJ Morph ft. Wordz "How it is" by DJ Morph ft. Manchild, Adan Genesis "I'm So Potential" by Die-Rek "break chains." by D4C ft. Jonnie 3:16 "For this Life" by Eternia ft. Pheonix Pagliacci

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