2019/2/2 - Water themed show, perfect for summer but also many seasons

Feb 2, 201956 minutes

What goes better for a summer theme than water. But we found that water bridges many seasons so to say...

Tracklist: "Rogue Wave" by Midcentury Modern "Coastal" by The Profit ft. Dominc Brook, Emma O "Sermon H2O" by Freddie Bruno "Aquadrip" by Brinson "The Fool Pt 2 (Water)" by Shad ft. Steven Mulcare "Wavey" by Sivion, Andreon Michael, Lucyclubhouse "Water's Edge" by The Procussions "Rain" by Vee and Josh "Rain" by Watson G. "Prain' in the Rain" by Eshon Burgundy, Snowgoons "To The Next" by Storm Troop "Wet and Dry" by Justice League "Don't Drink the Water" by Krum "To Da River" by T-Bone, Lil Zane, Montell Jordan "Rain" by Move Merchants "Chicken & Watermelon" by Fonke Knomaads

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