2019/1/12 - The other hot new songs we played in 2018, based on streams/views

Jan 12, 201956 minutes

What are some of the other hottest new songs we played in 2018? We've checked the stats on streams/views (from various websites/apps) and here they are...

We also look at how the Australian artists we play are going online.

Tracklist: "Grow Up" by Christon Gray "Dead Man" Joshua Luke Smith "Lamentations" by Jackie Hill Perry "The Fool Pt 3" by Shad "Nino Brown" by Canon "Trust in You" by Big Sam "Say Goodbye" by Social Club Misfits "Warriors" by Bizzle "Wesside" by WHATUPRG "Praying Hands" by Ty Brasel (ft. Trip Lee) "Hall of Fame" by Swoope "Be the Change" by Licy Be (ft. CASS, WYLD) "Prayer Loop Song" by Supaman "Get Back Right" by Lecrae & Zaytoven "I Ain't Done" by Andy Mineo "No Name" by NF

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