2018/12/15 - Oaks & Jabs playing new music from James & Jon & Jupiter. Debating the responsibility of the artist to help them hijack outros...

Dec 15, 201856 minutes

It’s those blokes again, Oaks & Jabs play some new music from James & Jon & Jupiter plus some Aussie stuff with a flashback from Grits as they debate the responsibility of the artist to help them hijack outros and even take that to the next level with a pre-written response verse.

Mind blown.

Tracklist: “Go O Say Moore” by Ozay Moore “In The Pocket” by Jon Corbin ft. Eternia “My DJ Waps” by Fonke Knomaads “Vibes” by Jupiter 7 “I Got It” by Tee-Wyla ft. Armond WakeUp & Jonathan Baker “Joy” by James Gardin “Love And Hate” by Percy Page “Lesson To Learn” by Jon Corbin ft. Shad, Orijin & Rel McCoy “Taken” by Syllable Driven ft. Rezadent “Maze” by Sareem Poems & Ess Be “Ooh Aah” by Grits ft. tobyMac “Home” by James Gardin

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