2018/12/1 - New music by Sivion, Eskatology, Izzy n The Profit. Flashback by Odd 1 Out

Dec 1, 201856 minutes

New music by Sivion, Eskatology, and Izzy n The Profit.

Flashback by Odd 1 Out from Perth.

Video for "Darkness" by Sivion youtu.be/iWvYBxvv3YU

Video for "Get Busy" by Randy Mason (live unplugged) youtu.be/OH3mQUpUQcc

Tracklist: "Party Song" by Altty & L Fire "One Time 4 ur Mind" by Eskatology "Get Busy" by Randy Mason "Blame it on the Hip Hop" by KJ-52, Jered Sanders "Iron Giants (Demon Brawl)" by Jimmy Dregz, Rezadent "Darkness" by Sivion "Show Me The Way" by Odd 1 Out "Donuts" by Andy Mineo, Phonte, Christon Gray "El Shaddai" by D4C "New Math" by newselph, DJ Sean P "Go Hard" by Jon Corbin "Uno/Yahtzee" by The Winnie Coopers "Transformed" by That Brotha Lokey, Manafest, Rel McCoy "Thank You" by Jupiter 7, Camer1 "What It Takes" by Izzy n The Profit "Turn It Up" by Imperial & K.I.N.E.T.I.K.

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