2018/11/24 - featuring songs in memory of DJ Efechto

Nov 24, 201856 minutes

Featuring songs in memory of DJ Efechto, who passed way this month (November). Playing songs he worked on, and some songs from the year he was in Australia as a guest at the Uprock Summit. We've included a clip from the interview he did with Oaks that year.

Hear the full 2014 interview with Efechto on the KW10 Podcast: bmnet.us/kw10011

Official Spotify playlist (curated by Propaganda) with tracks Efechto loved, produced or scratched on: spoti.fi/2FCiQv5

Playlist: “JackPot" by JGivens "The Bridge is Ova" by The Bridge "Misconception" by Lecrae, Propaganda, Braille, Odd Thomas, DJ Efechto "The Final Triumph" by Nfors, Izzy, Chardz "Jalapeno Bizness" by The Bridge "Follow Me" by Rel McCoy "Bang!" by Ozay Moore "Way of the Warrior" by Mistery, remixed by Sounds Like Dsipl "Duck for Cover" by Raw Torque "Transform" by Choon Man Kim, DJ Efechto "Speed Racer" by The Bridge "No Holds Tongue" by Alert312, DJ Efechto, Propaganda "Heads Up" by Oakbridge "Changed Hearts" by Braille, DJ Efechto "Last But Not Least" by Scribbling Idiots, Magestik Legend, Propaganda, DJ Efechto

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