2018/11/10 - feature album is by Shad, also new music by Izzy, Canon, James Gardin

Nov 10, 201856 minutes

This week we play a few tracks off "A Short Stort Story About A War" by Shad from Canada. The new single "Paralysed" by Izzy out of Sydney. From the USA new music by Canon and James Gardin.

Flashback is by Sareem Poems of the L.A. Symphony.

Tracklist: "The Fool Pt 1 (Get It Got It Good)" by Shad "Stay True" by BroadKast "They Don't Know" by Gallery Drive "You Got Me" by Canon "Grafitti Art" by Sareem Poems, Soup the Chemist "Paralysed" by Izzy, DJ Maniak "The Stone Throwers (Gone in a Blink)" by Shad "Awake the Dawn" by Alert 312 "Grow Up" by Christon Gray "Heart 2 Heart" by Bay Side Wreckers "The Fool Pt3 (Frame of Mind)" by Shad, KAYTRANADA "Joy" by James Gardin "Don't You Know" by Paradox, JustMe, Ruslan "P-Plates On A Beamer" by Fonke Knomaads "Oddball" by Krum "All I Need" by Shad, Yukon Blonde

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