2018/11/3 - New music by D Minor, Aaron Cole, Die-Rek. Flashbacks by Lightheaded, Sundance

Nov 3, 201856 minutes

We play the new single "Concrete Pillow" by Sydney artist D Minor. New rap by Aaron Cole, who's known more for his singing colaboration with tobyMac. A new song by Canadian artist Die-Rek, showing what goodness can happen when a producer raps over his own track.

Flashbacks by LIghtheaded (Braille, Ohmega Watts, Ozay Moore) and Sundance.

Tracklist: "Nuclear Arms" by Griffin, DJ Sean P "What's it All About" by Izzy n The Profit, Oakbridge "Can't Relate" by Aaron Cole, Th3 Sage, Kaleb Mitchell "AIM.FLASH.BANG" by 2ManTrio, Jurny Big "Math-Matics" by Nfors & Izzy "Change" by A.RON "Get Up" by Jesus Peace "Daaanng" by Sundance "Timeless" by Lightheaded "Sounds Like A Storm" by Fonke Knomaads "the Blind Swordsman" by The Praying Mantis "Concrete Pillow" by D Minor, Alli Simpson "Nothing to Something" by Derek Minor, Propaganda, Aaron Cole "The Werd On The Street" by The Profit, Krosswerdz Krew "The Name is Die-Rek" by Die-Rek

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