2018/10/20 - Oaks & Jabs with another episode of bangers and banter

Oct 20, 201856 minutes

Jabs has dragged himself out of bed to team up with Oaks for another episode of bangers and banter. Feature artist is Ozay Moore (fka Othello) who will be in Australia soon for the Uprock Hip Hop Summit. Also new music from Randy Mason & Imperial & Kinetik, Oaks & Jabs’ favourite Uprock Compilation tracks and of course a flashback.

Tracklist: “Alive At The Assembly Line” by Ozay Moore ft. Propaganda & Vursatyl “Not Enough Hours In The Day” by Imperial & Kinetik ft. James Gardin “Get Busy” by Randy Mason “All Good” by James Gardin “Ya Did It To Ya’self” by Othello & DJ Vajra ft. Ragen Fykes “The Way Of The Hand And Foot” by Rezadent “The Struggle” by That Brotha Lokey ft. Relic & DIE-REK “Slingshot” by Ozay Moore ft. Vursatyl & Chip-Fu “Style Is Worthwhile (Sweet Clappin’ Remix)” by Fonke Knomaads “All Of Our Days” by Nfors ft. Izzy n The Profit & The Guard “O.K. Alright” by Othello & DJ Manwell
“We Go Together Like” by Urban D ft. KJ-52 “Cycles” by Sundance ft. Sojourn, Ocean Jade, Cardiac P & Ozay Moore

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