2018/10/6 - guest Mistery talks about the coming Uprock Christian Hip Hop Summit

Oct 6, 201856 minutes

K-man caught up with Mistery of Krosswerdz while he was painting several wall pieces. Listen to the interview to hear about the Uprock Christian Hip Hop Summit. It's where you want to go to up your skills in an element of hip-hop, learn a new skill, or just hang with others who connect their faith to the culture. Two nightly concerts and a park jam.

Uprock Summit runs in Sydney from Friday 2nd Nov to Sunday 4th Nov + a chill beach day.

To register go to: uprocksummit.com/summit-registration/

We also play new music by Imperial & K.I.N.E.T.I.K, and Griffin of the Tunnel Rats.

Double-play of Listener tracks (Deepspace5 crew song and a solo flashback).

Tracklist: "Turn It Up" by Imperial & K.I.N.E.T.I.K. "Seven Laps" by Marksman Lloyd "Olympian" by Propaganda "From The Outside" by Deepspace5 "Your life will never dull or your money back" by Listener "Nuclear Arms" by Griffin "The Movement" by MP Ancient, Sadat X, Jia Davis "Weapons" by Mistery, Darco "Crowd React" by Ozay Moore, Lightheaded "The Last Sunrise" by Sundance, Adam L "The Weight" by Armond Wakeup "Brand You Can Trust" by Krosswerdz Crew

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