2018/9/29 - new Andy Mineo, ALERT312, Rich Colón ... and a few Flavor Fest '18 artists

Sep 29, 201856 minutes

New music by Andy Mineo, ALERT312, Rich Colón, and some sweet tunes from Australia.

We also throw in a few tracks by artists who are performing at Flavor Fest 2018. The hip hop festival is run in Florida, USA. More info at http://flavorfest.org

Flashback by DJ Maj (featuring Mars ILL) off his Full Plates mixtape.

Tracklist: “Duck For Cover" by Raw Torque "Old English" by Rich Colón "Gargantuan Pillars" by Sebastian Hochstein "Blame it on the Hip Hop" by KJ-52 & Goldinchild "Not Today Satan" by KB, Andy Mineo "Way Up" by Bizzle, Sevin "Sounds Like A Storm" by Fonke Knomaads "Street Credibility" by DJ Maj & Mars ILL "Awake the Dawn" by ALERT312 "Groove" by James Gardin "Donuts" by Andy Mineo, Phonte, Christon Gray "The Way" by Brad Sabat "Learning New Skills" by Urban D, Richie Righteous "Can't Stop" by Wiz, The Profit, Oakbridge, Mistery, Izzy, Jabs "Dream On" by Roy Tosh, Deraj, Paulo Clayton

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