2018/9/15 - Oaks & Jabs are back with the bangers, feature album by That Brotha Lokey, a bootleg exclusive recording

Sep 15, 201856 minutes

Oaks & Jabs are back with the bangers. Feature album is “Urban Revival” by That Brotha Lokey plus new music by Jon Corbin, James Gardin, Imperial & Sundance. There’s even a bootleg exclusive recorded by Oaks himself plus a triple-play for the flashback challenge. Get into it.

Tracklist: “Thumb Drive” by Ozay Moore “Transformed” by That Brotha Lokey ft. Manafest & Relic “Go Hard” by Jon Corbin “All Good” by James Gardin “Revival Time Revisited (Alternate Mix)” by That Brotha Lokey ft. Gems, Proverbs, Chris J, Nifty & Reason “Coping Mechanism” by Shelly.H “What’s Ya Story?” by Sounds Like Dsipl “The Last Sunrise” by Sundance ft. Adam L “1992” by Boombox Titans “Rockashow” by Lojique ft. Sentry “My Life, My Music” by Propaganda ft. Macho “Freestyle (Live)” by Propaganda
“Fly Luvv Song” by That Brotha Lokey ft. Promise & Janee “We Do This” by Imperial

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