2018/8/31 - Featuring artists who've collaborated with an artist who's coming to Australia for Uprock

Aug 31, 201856 minutes

The first artist coming to Australia for Krosswerd'z Uprock Christian Hip Hop Summit has been announced. So we're playing tracks by artists who have collaborated with this guy, and let you know who he is.

There's a few flashbacks on this week's show. MuzeOne, Surreal & DJ Balance, Mark 1, and Lightheaded to name a few.

Tracklist: “Emceeing is Believing" by Page One & Because "Rhythm (K-Def Remix)" by Hot16 & Omega Watts "The Knowing" by Izzy n The Proft "Go O Say Moore" by Ozay Moore "Bring It To A Halt" by Vursatyl "Fly" by Poems & Dust "Brand New Day" by Sivion "Superstar" by Fdel "Bridging the Gaps" by muzeOne "Daywalkers" by Propaganda "It Seems To Me ..." by Mark 1 "Today" by The Procussions "Car and a Job" by Surreal & DJ Balance "Surprise Track" by Lightheaded "WSTCST" by Ozay Moore

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