2018/8/25 - They're back together again... KJ-52 and Goldinchild's "Sons of Intellect" is the feature album

Aug 25, 201856 minutes

Over 20 years ago KJ-52 and Goldinchild had a group called "Sons of Intellect". They're back together again for a self-titled album, we're featuring 3 tracks off.

We've also got the new single by James Gardin.

Our flashback track goes 21 years to Sons of Intellect's "Insightful Comprehentions".

Tracklist: “Clap it Up" by Sons of Intellect "Know About It" by Jered Sanders "Rock Like" by Manziere "Victorious" by James Gardin "Revelation is Revolution" by Armond Wakeup "Reason Why" by Sounds Like Dsipl & Oakbridge "I'm Good" by Sons of Intellect "I'm Good" by The Battery "Good" by Ozay Moore "All Good Here" by Wizdm "Travel the Map" by K.I.N.E.T.I.K & Oddisee. (Soulseize Remix) "Worldwide" by Sons of Intellect "You Won't Be The One" by Marksman Lloyd "Olympian" by Propaganda "Blame it on the Hip Hop" by Sons of Intellect

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