2018/8/4 - New music by Newselph, Big Sam, BRM, and a flashback by the Tunnel Rats

Aug 4, 201856 minutes

New music by Newselph, BRM, and Big Sam (a request by Charlie).

Flashback track by Dokument off the Tunnel Rats' 2004 self titled album.

Tracklist: “Cage" by BRM "Dominate" by Izzy "Revival Time" by That Brotha Lokey "Theory of Self" by Nomis "When all is Said & Done" by Broadkast "Cynical" by Propaganda "twenty eighteen." by nobigdyl. "I Am The Won" by Armond Wakeup "Trust in You" by Big Sam "My Word" by Qwiet, Braille & Manchild "The Fear" by Marksman Lloyd "New Math" by newselph "Planet Dok" by Tunnel Rats "Way Up There" by Sareem Poems "Time Machine" by Rel McCoy "Shoulder to Shoulder" by Wiz

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