2018/7/28 - New music by Shad, No Malice, Tae Lamar, and Czar Josh

Jul 28, 201856 minutes

Shad is back from taking a break from music to present TV and radio, and we've got the first single off his coming project. K-man does a double-play of No Malice (of the Clipse) with his new song and an older one featuring Pusha-T.

Flashback track by Ozay Moore x DJ Manwell.

Tracklist: “EyezOnThaPrize" by Czar Jsoh & Kay Sade "Return of The Sentry" by Tha Guard "Return of the Real Hard Beat" by Beat Rabbi & Deepspace5 "Keep It Movin'" by Tae Lamar, Elan Brio, Simon Sabbal & Mondo Mcann "Shame the Devil" by No Malice & Pusha T "Give 'em Game" by No Malice "Learning to Stand" by Shelly.H "Hush" by Jackie Hill Perry "The Way" by Brad Sabat "Lift Off" by Griffin & DJ Sean P "Crowd React" by Ozay Moore & Lightheaded "That Feeling" by Othello & DJ Manwell "El Paso" by Wiz "The Fool Pt 1 (Get it Got it Good)" by Shad "Rose Garden" by Shad

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