2018/7/14 - New music by Jon Corbin, Supaman ... and highlighting a few Aussie indigenous artists in the mix

Jul 14, 201856 minutes

Not only do we have new music by Jon Corbin from Canada ... we're letting you know about some of Australia's indigenous artists, and one from the USA.

Flashback track is by Headnodic and The Procussions.

Tracklist: “Battlefield" by JPoint "Classic" by Shad "Straight from the Underground" by E.E.S. (File/Save) "Know the Call" by Imperial, Sareem Poems, Sojourn "Does it Make You Feel Good" by DukeBox "Way Up" by Bizzle "Like That" by Ruslan "Show ur Love" by Eskatology "Woman" by Jackie Hill Perry "Into The Night" by Monkish Manners "On Tonight" by Jon Corbin "Fireproof" by Impossible Odds "Prayer Loop Song" by Supaman "The 13th" by Rel McCoy "Blackout" by Jeremiah Bonds "Blackout" by Izzy n The Profit

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