2018/6/30 - new music by Lecrae, Wiz, Nomis, Ty Brasel, Izzy

Jun 30, 201856 minutes

K-man plays the new song off Lecrae's album that has production by Zaytoven. New songs by NomiS x Joe Ayinde, Ty Brasel x Trip Lee, and Izzy. One of The Profit's older tracks played in anticpation of his coming album. And some of the tracks you voted for on our website.

Flashback track is by the L.A. Symphony.

Tracklist: “Shoulder to Shoulder" by Wizdm "Hands in Hi-Fi" by Theory Hazit & Toni Shift "Say Goodbye" by Social Club Misfits "Praying Hands Remix" by Ty Brasel x Trip Lee "No Apologies" by LMNO & DJ Babu "Irrefutable Truth" by Marksman Lloyd "Theory of Self" by Nomis "The Anthem" by Shames Worthy "Let It Burn" by The Profit "Gotta Change" by Izzy "Which Way" by Jesus Peace "Xtraordinare" by L.A. Symphony "Get Back Right" by Lecrae "Now They Know" by 116

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