2018/6/16 - K-man selects 3 tracks off Wiz's new album, and new one by Jon Corbin

Jun 16, 201856 minutes

Hear three of K-man's favourites off Wiz aka Wizdm's new album "The Traveller Pt.1". He would have easily picked more (one of the other favs was played last week) but you might as well have listen this Aussie album yourself.

New music by Jon Corbin, and a few of the song you've clicked 'like' on our playlist.

Flashback track by J-Remy featuring Pigeon John (L.A. Symphony) and Bonafied (GRITS).

Tracklist: “Rhythm" by Hot16 x Ohmega Watts (K-Def Remix) "Jesse James" by Wiz "You Don't Know Me" by J-Remy "Hush" by Jackie Hill Perry "Bricks of Babel" by Nomis "Return of the Real Hard Beat" by Beat Rabbi & Deepspace5 "Big Iron" by Dirt "NYC to the Third World" by Subatomic Sound System, Rel McCoy, Caballo "El Paso" by Wiz "Travel The Map" by Imperial & K.I.N.E.T.I.K. (Soulseize Remix) "Drive" by Captions "Long Road Traveller" MP Ancient (Re:Flex Remix) "You Care" by Jon Corbin "twenty eighteen." by nobigdyl. "Too Easy" by Wiz "Olympian" by Propaganda

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