2018/6/09 - Oaks & Jabs minus the Jabs equals Oaks as your host

Jun 9, 201856 minutes

Oaks & Jabs minus the Jabs equals Oaks as your host. More beats & rappin and less yappin’. Brand new track from Wiz fka Wizdm and an OG flashback from Oaks’ first gospel hip hop purchase.

Tracklist: “Where You At” by Ozay Moore ft. James Gardin & Jahshua Smith “Nothing” by Jin “Truth Bomb” by Bay Side Wreckers “Revelation Is Revolution” by Armond WakeUp “March 10th and a 3rd” by JGivens ft. Braille “Learning To Stand” by Shelly.H “Lamentations” by Jackie Hill Perry “Shoulder To Shoulder” by Wiz ft. Mistery & Oakbridge “Doin It” by Ozay Moore “The Way” by Brad Sabat “It’s the S.O.I. (Sons Of Intellect Anthem)” by KJ-52 ft. Phanatik & Ambassador “Honey” by J. Rhodan ft. Taelor Gray & Sean C. Johnson “All Is Grace” by Imperial ft. Joshua Luke Smith “Good Music” by Imperial & K.I.N.E.T.I.K.

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