2018/5/19 - Playing a few off Jackie Hill Perry's latest album, and new Bizzle, nobigdyl, Chrisjay, and 2.0.

May 19, 201856 minutes

K-man is back, with a feature album by Jackie Hill Perry called "Crescendo".

New music by Bizzle, Chrisjay, nobigdyl., and 2.0.

Flashback track by Remnant Militia.

“Like That" by Ruslan "Woman" by Jackie Hill Perry "Lift Off" by Griffin "Warlord" by Apollo Creed "Real Thugs" by r&R "Old Derty Hazit" by Theory Hazit "twenty eighteen." by nobigdyl. "Nervs" by Remant Militia "Fall Away" by Jackie Hill Perry "Lion or Lamb" by 2.0 "Way Up" by Bizzle and Sevin "Heart 2 Heart" by Bay Side Wreckers "High" by Chrisjay "El Shaddai" by D4C "Hush" by Jackie Hill Perry "Mulplicity" by Eskatology

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