2018/5/5 - two new Andy Mineo songs, new Ray June, and an Aussie flashback

May 5, 201856 minutes

Andy Mineo's new EP "I: The Arrow" is a good listen, so K-man plays his two favourites. We also play new song by Ray June featuring KB.

This week's flashback track is by Storm Troop, featuring Brethren, Mark1, and Ill Clinton.

“I Got the Juice" by Dream Junkies "Bounce" by Ray June "Fighters" by Canon "Clarity" by Andy Mineo "Lion" by Uncle, RAGE, and Wes-Lee "Da Chune Up" by That Brotha Lokey "Unorthodox" by Storm Troop "Say Less" by K. Sparks "Return of the Sentry" by Tha Guard "Spit Shine" by Deepspace5 "Olympian" by Propaganda "Good Day" by Dee Black "Paid to Play" by Cas Metah "Transformed" by Manafest "NOMO" by Marksman Lloyd "I Ain't Done" by Andy Mineo

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