2018/4/27 - KJ-52, Brethren, GRITS, Tunnel Rats, Hoodsta, Boogiemonsters, Fonke Knomaads

Apr 28, 201856 minutes

Playing some of the pioneers of Christian Hip Hop. I threw in small amount of artists influenced by them and influencers. This is a show that I (K-man) felt could easily be expanded on / have a part 2 3 4...

Cool to have a bit of new music by KJ-52, Royal Ruckus, and GRITS ... which helped inspire this show.

Australian's in this: Brethren, Oakbridge, Fonke Knomaads, Nil Void, Hoodsta!! and a nice thank you track by BroadKast.

Flashbacks going as early as 1994: Boogiemonsters, L.A. Symphony, E-Roc, Soup the Chemist, Gospel Gangstaz, Dynamic Twinz, K2S, XL, etc etc

"Lonely Pioneers" by Re:Flex the Architect "The Gathering" by Mistery "The Greatest MC Ever" by Oakbridge "World's Okayest Rapper" by Royal Ruckus "Trash Can Bingo" by Cook & Uno "Here We Go" by Listener, Mouf Warren & EF Cuttin' "Chicken & Watermelon" by Fonke Knomaads "Praise the Lord" by Maestro & Shad "God Sound" by Boogiemonsters "Be Like That" by KJ-52 "Sometimes" by GRITS "Mad Prophets" by E-Roc (featuring everyone) "Hip-Hop" by Brethren, Def Wish Cast & Reason "Copy Us" by The Battery & Tunnel Rats "On Top of the Rock" by Broadkast.

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