2018/4/7 - playing new music by D4C, KJ-52, and J. Crum

Apr 7, 201856 minutes

Playing the new single by D4C from the Gold Coast. As well as KJ-52 and J. Crum.

Flashbacks by the L.A. Symphony and DS5.

“We Got What You Want" by Sivion "All Good Here" by Wizdm "But It Ain't Broke" by Paradox "Sock Full of Batteries" by Deepspace5 "Way of the Warrior Remix" by Mistery & Sounds Like Dspl "All I Had" by KJ-52 & Datin "What You Want" by J. Crum "Coping Mechanism" by Shelly.H "I Am The Won" by Armond Wakeup "W.O.T.S." by Word On The Street "10" by L.A. Symphony "WSTCST" by Ozay Moore "Involved" by Sevin "El Shaddai" by D4C "Do Know Wrong" by Propaganda

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