2018/3/31 - Good Friday, Easter, and beyond...

Mar 31, 201856 minutes

Rapping about the events of Good Friday, Easter, and beyond... #life

“Palm Sunday" by Krum "The Sacrifice" by Wizdm "His Passion for Mine" by Oakbridge "Winter Sunshine" by The Praying Mantis, Rezadent, Sandman "When Heaven Scrapes The Pavement" by Mars ILL "Resurrect Me" by Braille "Angels" by MC Jin "Really His" by Sivion "Conquer" by Propaganda "Amazing Grace" by Altty "The Gospel in One Minute Acapella" by Lecrae "Blood Spilla" by The Cross Movement "Risen" by Hazakim "Rise" by Deepspace5 "Rising Sun" by Brethren

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