2018/3/24 - New music by GRITS, Shelly.H, Manafest, K. Sparks, Paradox, and a pile of flashback tracks

Mar 24, 201856 minutes

It's great to see a few people who've been making music for a while, still doing it. We've a new song by GRITS and it sounds great. Manafest teamed up with Rel McCoy (fka Relic) singing the hook. From Australia, we play another track by Shelly.H of File/Save (fka E.E.S.) off his new album Tree & Volcanoes. New music also by K. Sparks and Paradox.

Several flashbacks tracks this week, from America to Australia.

“Crowd React" by Lightheaded "Transformed" by Manafest & Rel McCoy "Say Less" by K. Sparks "Create The Tracks" by Shelly.H "Audience of One" by Solseekers "Uptown" by Andy Mineo (DJ Official Remix) "For The Heads" by Tunnel Rats "True North" by Paradox (Imperial Remix) "Go Time" by Datin "Sometimes" by GRITS "Powermoves" by Brainwash Projects "Invigorating" by LMNO "Heart Headed" by Nomis "Cruizin" by Brethren "Down With It" by DJ Eazy & J-Bux

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