2018/3/10 - Oaks and Jabs, with new music by Shelly.H, Canon, Sean C. Johnson, Ozay Moore, Armond Wakeup

Mar 10, 201856 minutes

Oaks and Jabs are back as promised.

New music by Shelly.H from Wagga Wagga, NSW, Australia! More new goodness by Canon, Sean C. Johnson, Ozay Moore, Armond Wakeup, and Jesus Peace.

Flashback track by Paul Wright and Lightheaded.

“The Goodness” by MidCentury Modern ft. Sivion, Manchild & Boog Brown “WSTCST” by Ozay Moore ft. Tony Ozier & Teeko “Rock The Show (Remix)” by Paul Wright ft. Lightheaded “Fighters” by Canon “Day & Night” by MoSS ft. Eternia “Coping Mechanism” by Shelly.H “I Am The Won” by Armond WakeUp ft. DJ Because “Limits” by James Gardin “Luke Cage” by Sean C. Johnson “A Wise Man Once Said” by Jesus Peace “Through The Flame” by Broadkast “MacBook Of Raps” by Joey The Jerk ft. Soup The Chemist & inDJnous

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