2018/3/3 - New music by KJ-52, Armond Wakeup, retro-new by Vee & Josh

Mar 3, 201856 minutes

Going back in time (stylistically) with Vee and Josh from Melbourne's new single. Fits well beside some songs by Fonke Knomaads and Krum x Sean P.

New music by KJ-52 off "Jonah Pt2", and Armond Wakeup off "Even If I Lose".

Flashback track by Glue (Adeem, Maker, DJ Dq)

“Blackout" by Izzy n The Profit "Get Up" by Jesus Peace "Understand" by Reflex the Architect x Mistery x Fortune "Good" by Ozay Moore "First Time" by Move Merchants "Always Winnin" by Shad "A Lot to Say" by Glue "Real Homies" by ZERO "Sweeter" by Armond Wakeup "100 to 0" by MC Jin "Be Like That" by KJ-52 "Champagne Music" by BrvndonP "No Chaser" by Bay Side Wreckers "Feels Good" by Vee and Josh "Wildstyle Pepperoni" by Fonke Knomaads "FRESH" by Krum & Sean Patrick "30 & Up, 1986" by Sho Baraka

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