2018/2/10 - hosted by Oaks & Jabs - playing Propaganda, Bebe Riz, Fonke Knowmaads....

Feb 10, 201856 minutes

Oaks & Jabs are your hosts this week, hijacking your outros! New music by Propaganda, Fonke Knoomaads, Ozay Moore, Bebe Riz, NomiS, Jesus Peace, Armond Wakeup, and Drew Smith.

“Good Day” by Dee Black ft. Jered Sanders & Eshon Burgundy “Know The Call” by Imperial ft. Sareem Poems & Sojourn “Transparent See” by Ozay Moore ft. Ricky Valenz “Really His” by Sivion ft. Krum “In A Box” by Bebe Riz ft. Layzie Fu “Destiny” by Drew Smith ft. Aniya & Aubrey “Wildstyle Pepperoni” by Fonke Knomaads “1000 Times” by B. Cooper ft. J.C. “The Feels” by Armond Wakeup “Crooked Way” by Propaganda ft. Terence F. Clark “Somewhere Between Faith & Fear” by Jesus Peace ft. Just Jaz “Heart Headed” by Nomis ft. Sintax The Terrific

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