2018/2/3 - New music by Genesiz, NF, Altty, Ozay Moore, Imperial, Justus

Feb 3, 201856 minutes

The new music is back on Definition. We've got Australians Genesiz and Allty. From overseas NF, Imperial x Sareem Poems x Sojourn, James Gardin, Justus, Ray June... A flashback by Lojique ...put on your headphones and enjoy.

"Know the Call" by Imperial "Busta Rhymes" by MC Jin "No Name" by NF "Muggsy Bogues" by Izzy "100 Times" by B Cooper "Kanye, 2009" by Sho Baraka "First Man" by Brethren "I Live It" by Lojique "Issa Reason" by Ray June "Take Me Home" by Genesiz "Honored" by Justus "Limits" by James Gardin "Amazing Grace" by Altty "Good" by Ozay Moore

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