2018/1/27 - summer jams, to party or chill to

Jan 27, 201856 minutes

Something for whever you're chilling in the shade, or having a summertime pool party.

"West Coast Summer Jam" by NomiS "Didn't Know" by Marksman Lloyd "Tapatio" by RedCloud "MGGM" by Manziere "Fire Bone" by Shadow of the Locust "Fire" by Nfors & Showt "Crazy Lazy Dayz of Summer" by Erick Dayz "What's Next?" by Apollo Creed "Sunshine" by K. Sparks "Style is Worthwhile (Sweet Clappin' Remix)" by Fonke Knomaads "Groovin' on Sunshine" by Ohmega Watts "Sea Breeze" by L.A. Symphony "South Coast" by Soulkeepers "Rogue Wave" by Midcentury Modern "Coastal" by The Profit "Summer Days" by D4C

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