2018/1/6 - Hottest new songs played on Definition in 2017 ... part 2

Jan 6, 201856 minutes

Happy new years!

This episode we're continuing to look back at 2017's hottest songs played on this show. It's part two of three, containing an even mix of your votes on our website and internet plays. Sivion talks about his song 'Really His' off 'Dark Side of the Cocoon'.

"Didn't Know" by Marksman Lloyd "Do Dat At" by Qheem "Sunrise" by Sevin "City" by Isatta Sheriff "Mad Men" by Midcentury Modern "Really His" by Sivion "Know About It" by Jered Sanders "Pianos in Jericho" by Sho Baraka "Bar Cave" by Thi'sl "Haters" by Beacon Light "Thank God" by Genesiz "Tree Tops" by nobigdyl. "I Got The Spirit" by Tee Wyla "Spark the Flame" by Jon Corbin "FROWN" by Deepspace5

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