2017/12/30 - Hottest new songs played on Definition in 2017 ... part 1

Dec 30, 201756 minutes

It's the last show of the year, which kicks off the summer series of the hottest new songs played on Definition Radio in 2017.

"Rogue Wave" by Midcentury Modern "Mulplicity" by Eskatology "Get Up" by Arrested Development "Real Thugs" by r&R "One Time" by Bay Side Wreckers "Promise Land" by James Gardin "Diamond Boss" by Peace 586 "One Life" by Licy Be "War (Inside)" by MP Ancient "Word. On. The. Street." by W.O.T.S. "Blue Eyed Devil" by Krum "Balance Both Remix" by Imperial "Longevity" by Cas Metah "Main Event" by The Allergies "Good Day" by Dee Black "Real Homies" by ZERO

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