2017/12/9 - Sivion of Deepspace5 is our guest and feature artist

Dec 9, 201759 minutes

Sivion of Deepspace5 is our guest on the show all the way from the USA. We chat about his latest album "Dark Side of the Cocoon", the new DS5 album, and his time in Australia. He shares about the darker moments in life where you're in the cocoon, and how that played out in his marriage.

This podcast is a longer chat than what was aired on radio across Australia.

Listen in for some songs that Sivion picked, alongside some great music by him and his crew.


"The Lesson" by Sebastian Hochstein "Do Not Disturb" by Sivion "Pendulum" by Sivion "Diamond Boss" by Peace 586 "All In" by Sivion "Messiah" by Beautiful Eulogy "Really His" by Sivion "Shoot Me" by Dream Junkies "FROWN" by Deepspace5 "MOONLIGHT" by Deepspace5

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