2017/11/4 - Deepspace5, SuNWhoa Love, Fortune, Midcentury Modern, Dee Black, Izzy, MMAD

Nov 4, 201756 minutes

The crew that's still going 20 years strong, Deepspace5 is back with a new track. Hear about new artists to playlist, Dee Black and SuNWhoa Love. Soak up some sweet tunes from Izzy, Bizzle, Fortune, Sintax.the.Terriffic, and Altty.

Flashback to a Luke Geraty track from 2002.

"Longevity" by Cas Metah "Rogue Wave" by MidCentury Modern "Muggsy Bogues" by Izzy "Pianos in Jericho" by Sho Baraka "The Way of the Katana" by SuNWhoa Love "Slow Way Home" by Fortune "Breathe" by Sareem Poems "King" by Bizzle "Hold Your Head Up High" by MMAD "Without You" by Jon Corbin "Listen Up" by Luke Geraty "Mr Beef Cheeks" by Altty "Good Day" by Dee Black "FROWN" by Deepspace5 "Warlord" by Apollo Creed

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