2017/10/28 - Krosswerdz, Arrested Development, Braille, Jin ... Uprock!!!!

Oct 28, 201756 minutes

Getting pumped up for the Uprock Christian Hip Hop Summit! It runs this year from the 3rd to 6th of November in Sydney.

Check it out - www.uprocksummit.com

"Get Up" by Arrested Development "Step Up" by Cas Metah & Brethren "Laced Up Tight" by Shames Worthy "Comin' Up" by MC Jin "Lift Up" by Braille "Bring the Heat" by The Profit "Hands Up" by Lecrae "Uprock" by Brethren & Oakbridge "Build It Up" by Kaboose "Breaking Borders" by Flashtheonly "Shut Up & Dance" by Joey the Jerk "The Final Triumph" by Nfors "Uptown Remix" by Andy Mineo "Get Up" by Malachi Perez "Get Up, Get Down" by Dynamic Twins "We Be" by Krosswerdz Krew

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