2017/10/21 - NF, Licy Be, James Gardin, Jesus Peace, K Sparks, Trip Lee

Oct 21, 201756 minutes

This week we hear from Licy Be about her song One Life. New music by NF, James Gardin, and K. Sparks. News on which rappers won Dove Awards.

Music by Jesus Peace and Camer1, who are coming to Australia for the Uprock Christian Hip Hop Summit in Sydney from 3-6 November.

"Complaining" by James Gardin "Take Control" by The Profit "My Own Era" by StefanOtto "Still Unashamed" by Trip Lee "Stylin" by Shad "Shooting Stars" by Jesus Peace "My Streets" by Chef Camer1 "From The Outside" by Deepspace5 "West Sydney" by Izzy "War (Inside)" by MP Ancient "One Life" by Licy Be "Blue Nostalgia" by K. Sparks "Oh Lord" by NF "So Many Levels" by Sean Simmonds

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