2017/10/14 - Beautiful Eulogy, Sivion, Paul Hernandez, Genesiz, Eskatology, Luke Geraty

Oct 14, 201756 minutes

New music by Beautiful Eulogy, Sivion, and Paul Hernandez featuring Braille. Great Aussie tracks by Genesiz, Eskatology, Rezadent and Ill Clinton.

Flashback by Luke Geraty featuring Pigeon John and Redcloud.

"The IV" by Brallie "Manic X-Files" by Manic X "Pandemonium" by Luke Geraty "Stand Up!" by Precursor Mentality "Rompuzzle (That's Just Me)" by Paul Hernandez "Really His" by Sivion "Fire in my Heart" by Datin "Thank God" by Genesiz "Yo!" by Ohmega Watts "Lifetime Season" by Squashy Nice & AD "Access is Denied" by Eskatology "Messiah" by Beautiful Eulogy "Follow Me" by Rel McCoy "Main Event" by The Allergies & Andy Cooper "30 & Up, 1986" by Sho Baraka

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