2017/10/7 - New music by Krum, BRB, Fonke Knomaads, Sivion, Paradox

Oct 7, 201756 minutes

A new remix of the long running Fonke Knomaads from Australia's Central Coast. The new single by BRB out of Canberra, Australia. The freebie Krum/Playdough dropped on us all. Another new one by Sivion. Paradox and Imperial, the US x UK collaboration, off their coming Grayscale LP.

A little bit of news on the Uprock Christian Hip Hop Summit.

Flashback of a remix of Mars ILL.

"But It Ain't Broke" by Paradox & Imperial "Olympian" by Propaganda "Soul" by Apollo Creed "Wicked Ways Remix" by Mars ILL "Church in the Wild" by Sevin "The Way Of The Intercepting Fist Remix" by Rezadent "The Solution" by Jackie Hill "Pain of Regret" by Izzy "Alone" by Sivion "Take Yours" by Krum "Mad Men" by Midcentury Modern "We Are Yours" by Camer1 "Becoming a Humble Beast" by Urban D "Sharks in the Water" by BRB "Style is Worthwhile Remix" by Fonke Knomaads

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